About Inkstone

Localization Services

Whether we are talking about a joke that is offensive in the wrong context, or a cultural
reference that makes no sense in the country where you are trying to sell your product,
localization is the art of adapting any kind of communication to your audience, making it
more suitable and relatable.

Localization matters

Any message is heard better when it’s designed with your audience in mind. Localization
ensures that your content is culturally and linguistically adapted to your customers in a
way that feels natural.

Think about it

If you’re trying to promote a multicooker in Sweden, it might be unwise to go on and on
about how useful the product will be for making traditional mango pie now that the fruit
is in season. That’s where localization comes in - our culturally-sensitive specialists will
adapt your message to the country, or even area, where you are trying to expand your

What types of content do we localize?

Inkstone localizes all types of content, including:

• Games
• Marketing materials
• Voiceover scripts
• Video and audio content
• Websites
• Subtitles
• Training materials
• Mobile apps
• Software

…and much more. Let us know about your project at 0800 800 800 or

Languages we work with

We offer localization services for 250 languages:

• Mandarin Chinese
• Spanish
• English
• Hindi
• Portuguese
• Russian
• Japanese
• Italian
• Polish
• German
• French
• Romanian
• Dutch
…and many others.


Moreover, our team includes voiceover artists, transcription
specialists and translators, for when you need to take your project a step further.
What are the benefits of working with us?

Expert localizers

Our specialists are highly knowledgeable and efficient, and we have the right person for
every project.

Fast delivery

We have specialists working in every time zone - your project will always be finished on
time, period.

Competitive rates

You don’t need to break the bank to achieve your goals. E-mail us at
localization@georgesbusiness.com and we can talk about it.

Quality assurance

Our projects are consistently reviewed for quality, as are our localizers.
Comprehensive services

Our experts come from very diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. We are
talking about specialists with experience in customer service, software support,
technical translations, editing, copywriting, advertising, acting, writing and much more.
We really do mean it when we say we have the perfect person for every project.
What do our clients say?

“I had stumbled upon the amazing opportunity of selling my English language
teaching guides in China, but I had one big problem - I focus a lot on teaching
“practical” English, with examples from daily life, but I’ve never been to China
and I have very little idea about any kind of contemporary Chinese culture. I had
no idea how to relate to teenagers living in Beijing, and I didn’t want to bore them
with the stories of rural England I used in my original draft. I asked Inkstone, and they helped me revamp my guides. I’m chuffed, couldn’t have
asked for more.”

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