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Don't Use a Personal Facebook Profile for Business. Here's Why.

Yesterday I was checking my news feed on Facebook when I noticed a post from Ed's Burger Shack. "Try the new Mexiburger," it said. I knew the restaurant. It's my friend Eddie's, but I wasn't following it on Facebook. I didn't know it even had a page. The post was not an ad because there was no indication of that, as is required by Facebook. Eddie must have changed the name on his personal account to "Ed's Burger Shack," I thought. Sure enough, he had. I messaged him to find out why and he asked "why not?" I sympathized. The simplest way to start sharing your business's stuff on Facebook is to change your name to your business's name. It's not the best way to go, however. Here's why Eddie should create a business page for his burger restaurant.

Facebook Policies

Facebook doesn't allow using your personal account for business, first of all. It's not likely that you'll get into trouble for breaking this rule but it is possible. Facebook users do find their accounts disabled from time to time, when they fail to adhere to Facebook's terms of use. If you are using your personal profile with any name besides your own, you're in violation of section 4 of Facebook's terms. Rule 4 in that sections dictates "You will not use your personal timeline primarily for your own commercial gain, and will use a Facebook page for such purposes." There are plenty of other reasons you should use a page and not a personal profile to promote your business, though.

Share Your Business in Your Personal Info Instead

Have you ever noticed someone's employment information on their personal profile? It's often right at the top, the first thing you'll see. It can also be seen in the search results when someone is searching for you on Facebook. Once you have set up your business page, you and anyone who works with you can display employment info (and company name) prominently on your personal profile. You can share your business's posts on your personal "wall," as well. Ask all your friends to like your business page by following a few simple steps.

Pages vs. Profiles as Marketing Tools


Pages can be easily found using search engines, whereas your personal profile may not be. Having a business page on Facebook also gives Google the impression that you're legitimate. The sophisticated software search engines utilize will find your Facebook page once you've linked it to your website by entering the address in your account. Once that happens, you should see a slight increase in traffic because Google will display a link to your site more often and more prominently when people search for you or your products. While there are many other factors to this, having completed social media accounts does help. If you do business primarily with local customers, adding your address to your Facebook Page can help them find you.


Another benefit of Facebook pages is Facebook Ads. Facebook offers many ad formats. You can boost your page's posts, which is like paying to share them with more people. You can use a wide range of targeting options to display your ads or content to the right people. For example, you can display only to friends and friends of friends or select a radius on the map to restrict ads from displaying outside of it. Facebook Ads only works for business pages. You must have one if you want to advertise.


It is possible to allow people to follow your personal Facebook account and add you as a friend. However, Facebook limits the quantity of friends you can add. If you're sending friend requests on your own, you're limited to 100 per day and 1,000 unanswered requests. Facebook might limit your friend count, as well. Page followers, on the other hand, are never limited. There's also no action required to gain followers. They click "like," they're your follower. Increasing your follower count improves your SEO, helping you show up higher on search results pages.


While using a personal account to promote your business is a quick way to connect with potential patrons, the benefits are limited. Creating a business page is much more helpful. However, once you've set it up, don't just leave it. Share things and interact with your followers. Like and follow other pages. The more active you are, the more exposure you'll receive. Lastly, if you want more exposure and more sales, use your page to start an ad campaign. You can get help from ad managers like ours at Inkstone. Now get out there and create that page! Or, let us help you. We do complete social and local marketing configuration. Learn about it here.

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