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Examples of Our Copywriting Success

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This ad was the top performer in a large Facebook Ads campaign full of hundreds of dynamic ads from various copywriters, all of which were being tested. We kept it super simple. The key benefit of the product (personal loans) is that they can be paid off quickly and easily. We conveyed that in just a few words and included a CTA below the headline. The image was chosen by the client, but we think the banality of it works. It contrasts with a lot of the instagram-style, filtered images on social media. *Performance measured during holiday season (Dec 1 2019 - Jan 31 2020), based on ROAS. Ads with fewer than 150 clicks were not considered.

swipe file ad 2.png

This was the best-performing ad in a large Google Ads charity campaign, with an ROAS of 4.4 and over 1,400 clicks during the holiday season of 2019 and 2020. It was part of a campaign with a long list of keywords representing charity organizations. We used keyword-level URLs corresponding to charity org profiles on the site. The primary goal was to generate donations. The wording is straightforward and uses dynamic keyword insertion to display the charity name prominently in the ad. There's a strong CTA in one description, while the other description increases brand/name recognition so that viewers may return later to complete a conversion. *This is a responsive search ad, which means every combination of headline and description was tested and Google used the best combos in cases where it predicted a higher probability of conversion. Text ads aren't flashy and colorful, but they get the point across on SERPs (search engine results pages).

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